What to do it you are close to defaulting on your loan and your wages are garnished.  


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November 11, 2018 8:02 pm  

Consolidate!  OR go back to school part time.  Seriously.

Personal experience I let my student loans go for a bit of time and suddenly one day part of my paycheck was missing.  I called Great Lakes they said they could stop garnishing my wages if I paid the thousands or so I was behind. I could have gotten a forbearance but I let time pass and now they were going to just take what they wanted before I even saw it.

Now you have to consider the system and use it.  I have Direct Loans which were from the government but they sold my loans or at least the servicing of them to Great Lakes Financial and they weren't going to work with me.  SO .... I called up the Direct Loans people and asked about a Consolidation loan.  Basically each semester a new loan is issued so after a few years of school I had about 6 or 7 separate loans all with Great Lakes.  I completed the paper work to have Direct Loans repurchase back my loans in full and bundle them up into one Consolidated loan which I was NOT behind on paying because it was brand new.

So if you are experiencing issues with a private loan servicer and you have more than one loan just consolidate and get out there.  Alternatively I could have returned to school part time to put all of my loans into In-school Deferment.


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